100% Vinyl Windows with No Recycled Materials

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In our efforts to ensure we all do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle, we sometimes forget a simple truth: it’s also okay to buy things that are manufactured using only 100 percent new materials. That is one of the selling features of the products manufactured and sold by Windtek Windows and Doors Limited, makers of fine custom-designed windows in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years.

Whether you’re looking for replacement windows for home improvement retrofits, custom windows for new home construction or simply adding on to your existing home, Windtek has a custom-design solution for you. Built right in their own factory in Woodbridge, vinyl windows from Windtek contain zero recycled materials; what they DO contain, however, is the very best in design features and construction.

For example, Windtek manufactures and installs all custom vinyl windows using technologically advanced Pilkington self-cleaning glass (http://www.pilkington selfcleaningglass.co.uk/). This revolutionary glass contains a coating that reacts with sunlight to actually break down organic dirt, meaning you spend less time washing windows and more time enjoying the view. Windtek windows are constructed using strong solid vinyl profiles, a multi-chambered design that provides structural strength and an insulating air pocket which effectively reduces both heat and cold air transfer. This construction feature has earned all Windtek windows their ENERGY STAR rating, the ultimate recognition in energy efficient products. Combine that with features like self-lubricating spiral balance, triple seal, fusion-welded frame and recessed tilt sash and you’ve got the best vinyl window for your home.

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