Debunking 4 Common Window Replacement Myths & Misconceptions

Like every other business field, windows and doors industry is also vulnerable to certain myths. Unfortunately, some age-old misconceptions about windows replacement are accepted as a fact even today in the 21st century. Not just this, somehow experiences of a single individual also becomes a universal truth.

With the advancement in technology, the window industry has progressed considerably which means the facts of yesteryears have become misconceptions today. If someone who has not replaced windows in the past 3-4 years tells you what to expect, what to do, and what not to do, you need to simply avoid such advice. As a wise homeowner, you need to discern fact from fiction in order to make an informed decision.

Whenever you think about replacing your windows, you’ll find out plenteous misinformation in the marketplace. These misconceptions may push you away from the idea of window replacement altogether. But before believing such misleading information, read this post to clarify your misconceptions. Here we’ve debunked some common replacement window myths in order to help you make a well-informed decision.


Myth #1: All Windows Are Created Equal

A common misconception is that all windows are the same and it’s just the marketing techniques used by companies to sell their products. Well, this is certainly not true! The quality, material, and style of windows vary and not all windows are created equal. The quality of products differs from company to company because of the material and techniques used for manufacturing. Not every window is capable to reduce your energy cost. Moreover, not every company offers an extended warranty on their products. Some windows are best to provide proper ventilation while some are perfect to reflect UV rays and solar heat.

Myth #2: Winter is Not the Time to Replace Windows

People believe that just like roof replacement project, windows should also be installed in the summer season. But the truth is that windows replacement project can be started at any time of the year, even in the middle of winter. Obviously, a snowstorm is not the ideal time to replace windows but this doesn’t mean that for the whole 3 months you can’t think about this project. With advanced techniques, window installation companies are today capable of addressing the challenges of any season.

Myth #3: DIY Window Replacement Saves Money

Some homeowners believe that it’s unnecessary to spend money on hiring installation contractor. This is absolutely wrong! It’s a new trend among people to watch the tutorial video and think that they can install and fix almost anything. But in reality, DIY window installation leads to costly repairs in the future because homeowners fail to properly fit and seal the windows. Moreover, a DIY window installer probably doesn’t know how to properly insulate the homes. Only professional window replacement contractors have the specialized tools and knowledge that is required to efficiently install windows.

Myth #4: Double-Pane Glass Blocks All Kinds of Heat

Unlike a common belief, double-pane glass only reduces the heat transfer, but it doesn’t block all sources of heat. The windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings are ideal to block only the unwanted ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays without restricting the flow of natural light.

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