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Windtek is a proud family owned and operated a local business with experience of over 39 years. We serve the city of Maple with our extensive range of custom replacement doors and windows, available in all styles and designs which are manufactured in our in-house 30 000 sq. ft. factory. We cater to our customers with quality products and installation services which are available at unbeatable prices. No longer do you have to search around for that perfect window, we have the right product for you in a one-stop-shop solution.

Because we manufacture our own windows and doors, you are assured of products that are free from any defects and guaranteed to offer the best looks and durability. All of our products are prepared with materials coming from the best suppliers in the industry. These products are energy efficient, safe and best of all, ups the aesthetic value of your house without costing a bomb. This is possible because of our factory direct pricing offers. You get everything site

Entrance Doors, Replacement Windows, Patio Doors in Maple

A window or door is only just as strong as its installation. And at Windtek Windows and Doors Ltd., we understand this perfectly. This is why we deploy special installation technicians that take extreme care to ensure a perfect and seamless fit. It does not matter if you need a retrofit or brick-to-brick installation, our team will ensure compatibility and integrity right down to the framing studs and brickwork. We will give you an installation that will last you a lifetime while maintaining its shine.

And we don’t leave you just here. Installing replacement doors or patio doors is a process where dirt and mess in inevitable. But don’t you worry because it’s our duty to provide complete convenience to our customers. We clean up after the installation is done leaving you with a sparkling clean area to enjoy your newly installed beauty.

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