Reduce Energy Consumption with Energy Star Window

All it takes is one solid blast of bone-chilling Arctic air creeping through your drafty home to remind you how badly you need to upgrade your old windows. Thankfully all it takes to make upgrades happen is one phone call to Windtek Windows and Doors Limited. There is no end to the variety of window choices on the home improvement market today. However, the installation experts at Windtek Windows and Doors Limited know the best way to lower your household energy bills is to retrofit your home using only ENERGY STAR qualified windows (

Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows can reduce your energy consumption from seven to 15 percent. That not only amounts to a more energy efficient home – it means you start saving money the moment you upgrade your windows! What exactly does it mean to a product to receive the ENERGY STAR designation? For starters, the ENERGY STAR label makes it easier for consumers to identify and purchase a variety of energy-efficient products. The program was established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in an effort to reduce air pollution in the United States.

The symbol is recognized in Canada as a trusted, government-backed standard of energy efficiency. Installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows is just one of the reasons to call Windtek, a family owned business that has served the GTA and surrounding regions for over 30 years. Windtek custom crafts all your windows, designing and manufacturing them to the exacting specifications unique to your home. From the time they take their first measurement, to the time they clean up and haul away your old windows and materials, the professionals at Windtek illustrate why they’re the true “stars” in the window installation industry.

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