Storm Doors

Installing storm doors is all about protecting your home from bad weather and at the same time allow proper ventilation. Investing in an aluminum storm door gives you extra security and protection from extreme weather conditions.

Windtek is offering a variety of storm doors that are built not only to resist the harsh weather, but also to contribute to an increased rate of energy efficiency. We deal in products of A-grade quality that are extremely durable and affordable.

Our doors are custom built as per your specific requirements at our factory in Vaughan, Ontario. Here, storm doors are manufactured in different sizes and styles to appeal to the aesthetic and functional needs of every home. Since we manufacture doors at our factory there is no involvement of a middleman and hence, you get factory-direct pricing for the doors you choose.

Why you need Windtek Storm Doors?

If you want to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you need to consider installing Windtek storm doors. When bad weather approaches, it is necessary to make sure that your home is protected. Windtek storm door is ideal to protect your home from bad weather, as well as it provides additional ventilation and can create an extra layer of security for your home.

Our storm doors insulate your home the same way storm windows and double paned windows do. It creates a barrier to prevent cold weather from entering your home. On the other hand, when summer arrives, a storm door can allow breezes to enter your home, while keeping annoying bugs at bay. This means irrespective of the weather conditions, our storm doors keep your home looking and feeling great.

Moreover, storm doors not only shield your home against bad weather but also provide extra security. If you’ve security-related concerns, our storm doors with protective grilles, heavy duty security glass and multi-point locking systems are perfect for you to prevent intruders.

Last but the least, our storm doors boost the energy efficiency of your home. Windtek storm doors are highly durable and provide extra insulation to prevent air leakage and help you save money on energy bills.


One-Lite Storm Doors offer excellent weather resistance without sacrificing the view of your entry door. Switch between a full tempered glass lite and a full screen over a 10″ kick plate.


Tri-Lite Storm Doors combine an easy-to-use center venting window, a 10″ kick plate, and built in side-lites to add a decorator touch to your home.


High-View Storm Doors offer a full width venting window, combined with a low profile 8″ kick plate, to show off more of your entry door.

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