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Are you looking to replace your doors and windows in Vaughan? We’re sure you’d want to rely on someone with experience in manufacturing and installation of such doors and windows.

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We, at Windtek have years of experience at manufacturing doors and windows for your homes with our main focus being on improvising our products with every passing day. We offer to you energy star rates, high performance vinyl windows made with precision in our factories, entrance doors, patio doors and any other doors or windows you may require.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to taking care of your requirements, paying attention to the minutest of details. When it is about having your doors or windows renovated in Vaughan, our on site team will visit you to take accurate measurements, check any installation requirements and the kind of fitting you may require. We are available on call to provide a price quote according to your choice as we know that keeping within budget is a priority.

Since we manufacture our own vinyl windows and doors and have an on site office in Vaughan, our prices our extremely competitive with very few who could match the prices and services we offer.

Vinyl Windows and Window Replacements Vaughan

As we at Windtek are manufacturers, we do not believe in the one size fits all myth and we make the effort to customize your doors and windows based on the measurements and requirements of your home, so you wouldn’t have the beautiful window you selected cut short to fit the window column available.


You are buying directly from the manufacturer and hence there is no middle man cost, thus making your door and window renovation a reasonable affair. We, at Windtek, not only offer a lifetime non-pro-rated warranty on our products but also ensure that the installation is done property by our team of experts who you can rely on completely. They are trained specifically to install our doors and windows to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Our team at Vaughan is certified to not only install the new doors and windows but also trained to ensure that there are no damages done to the brick and mortar structure around the door and window columns. They will also dispose off all the old doors and windows that need to be removed.

Our team is punctual and will not make you wait beyond the time decided. They will ensure that the work is done well within the deadline and after every completed installation they will perform a clean-up so that your home still looks like its taken care off.


We don’t just tailor the products to your needs, our team at Windtek Vaughan will also try to understand your requirements, whether the order is commercial or residential, and will perform various types of installations depending on the location. We can do brick to brick installation, retrofits, brickwork, or framing studs, as the need be.

We ensure that if it is about your door and window concerns in Vaughan, once you contact us, you will have to look no further as it is our duty to be of service to you with our integrity and our expertise.

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