Vinyl Clad Window Advantages

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Vinyl records have had their day; vinyl fashions are just disturbing – but vinyl windows?

Now you’re talking about an innovative product that transcends time and actually increases the value of your home. When it’s time to make a vinyl “fashion” statement at your house, call the window experts at Windtek Windows and Doors Limited. When it comes to window design and materials both aluminum and wood have given way to superior vinyl clad windows, which have numerous design advantages over their antiquated counterparts.

For starters, vinyl clad windows are entirely versatile. They offer many design advantages when incorporated into the building of a new home, yet they can easily replace decaying or outdated wooden window frames that exist in older homes. When you own a home with wooden windows you understand the labour involved in maintaining their appearance: scraping, sanding and painting window frames ravaged by sun, snow, rain and wind. Vinyl clad windows, on the other hand, require no maintenance. The real benefit to vinyl clad windows, however, is the fact they are energy efficient. Vinyl windows raise the bar on the level of insulation they bring to your home. They provide equal protection against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Add to that fact the ease in which Windtek installation experts can install ENERGY STAR rated vinyl clad windows into your home. With little or no extra construction requirements, you have all the reasons you need to make vinyl clad windows your next choice!

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