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Custom Windows

Elevate Your Home with Factory-Direct, Expertly Installed Custom Windows

Windtek offers a wide selection of high performance, energy star rated, vinyl windows. Manufactured with precision in our 30,000 sqft factory. Providing quality windows throughout the GTA, Waterloo Region and all surrounding areas.

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Replacement Windows

At Windtek Windows and Doors, we take pride in transforming homes with our wide selection of replacement windows, expertly crafted to elevate your living spaces. As a company with a rich history spanning 40 years, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch products and services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every window we manufacture in our 30,000 sqft factory in Woodbridge, utilizing modern robotic technology for precision.

Our replacement windows are precision-crafted in our Woodbridge facility, offering a seamless blend of aesthetics and energy efficiency. Choose from a variety of styles, including bay, bow, end vent, single hung, and casement windows, each designed to elevate your home's architectural appeal.


Consultation and Assessment

Our process begins with a detailed consultation, where we assess your existing windows, understand your preferences, and provide tailored solutions.

Materials Matter

Windtek's replacement windows are crafted using high-performance vinyl, extruded in-house for superior quality. This material ensures durability, energy efficiency, and a timeless aesthetic.

Professional Installation

Our skilled team ensures a hassle-free installation process, seamlessly replacing your existing windows with precision, leaving your home transformed.

Transform your home with Windtek Windows and Doors - your trusted partner for quality replacement windows, personalized service, and a commitment to excellence. Schedule your free in-home estimate and experience the difference our expertise can make in enhancing your home's beauty and efficiency.



A non operating window, available in a high and low profile configuration. Most economical and energy efficient window, is a completely sealed unit giving only the view of the outdoors.

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A bay window is a 3 window system with a large center and two side units at 30 to 45 degree angles to the wall. Can provide both a great view and a functional living space.



A bow window is a 4+ pane window system in a radial or bow formation. Often project beyond the exterior wall of a building.



End-vent windows are made from a large fixed window in the centre and side sliding windows on each end. This style provides both a great view as well as increased ventilation.



On single hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place and does not move, but the bottom sash is operable.



Traditional horizontal sliding window with one operable side. Easy and efficient to open or close whenever needed. 



On double hung windows, both sashes in the window frame are operable or move up and down.



Traditional horizontal sliding window with two operable sides. Easy and efficient to open or close whenever needed. 



Awning windows consist of a top-hinged section  that swing the bottom edges outward. Designed to allow air flow while excluding rain.

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A casement is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside.

Advantages of Choosing Windtek Windows and Doors

Lifetime Warranty Assurance: Our replacement windows come with a lifetime non-prorated fully transferrable warranty, reflecting our confidence in their durability and longevity.

Manufacturer Direct Pricing: By designing and building our windows in our 30,000 sqft Woodbridge facility, we eliminate middlemen, offering our customers fair and competitive prices.

100% Canadian Made: At Windtek, we extrude our own vinyl, ensuring that our windows are 100% Canadian-made. This commitment to quality sets us apart in the market.

Energy Star Rating: Manufacturing our own windows and doors allows us to exceed industry standards, providing an Energy Star rating and a 60% higher argon gas fill for enhanced sustainability.

Personalized Service: Our responsive customer service team provides in-home estimates, guiding you through the selection process and offering budget estimates free of charge.

Family-Owned and Operated Since 1979: With Windtek, you can expect timely completion, respectful work, and a complete clean-up after every installation, showcasing our dedication to your home's care and respect.

Elevating Homes in Ontario, Waterloo, Woodbridge, and Kitchener

We are dedicated to bringing our expertise in windows and related services to various regions, ensuring residents enjoy the benefits of top-quality replacement windows and professional services:


As a prominent provider of replacement windows in the province, Windtek Windows and Doors contribute to enhancing homes throughout Ontario. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship reaches homeowners across the province, delivering windows that seamlessly blend aesthetics and energy efficiency.


Transforming the architectural landscape of Waterloo, we bring our 100% Canadian-made vinyl windows, expertly crafted in Woodbridge, to homes in this vibrant community. Residents of Waterloo can rely on Windtek for a comprehensive range of replacement windows and personalized services that cater to their unique needs.


Our hometown and the heart of our operations. We cater to Woodbridge with a deep sense of pride, offering residents the opportunity to enhance their homes with our top-of-the-line replacement windows and related services. As a local company, we understand the unique needs and architectural styles prevalent in Woodbridge.


Windtek Windows and Doors are a trusted name in Kitchener. We contribute to the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of homes in this thriving city with our diverse range of replacement windows. Kitchener residents can rely on Windtek for expert consultations, professional installations, and a lifetime of window quality and durability.

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