The Best Doors for the Winter: Insulation, Security and Cost.

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    As the weather gets colder and the nights darker, protecting your home becomes more important than ever before. Here we explore some of the best doors for winter (and security, insulation and cost) — including high-security doors that can help you sleep better at night.


    What to look for in a solid front door for winter

    When it comes to the front door, make sure there is a solid door with a tight-fitting screen door. You can also install deadbolt locks with a double-cylinder that is keyed the same on both the inside and outside, as well as a peephole. Same for the back door: Heavy gauge steel has proven its worth for generations, making it a great choice for years to come. The security of the double-hung shutters will limit who can access the back of your home, protecting you and your occupants from the cold as well.

    For everyone’s safety, make sure the garage door is a good distance away from the house and is never left open. To make sure your garage door is secure, be sure to roll the garage door upward with a roller, ensuring it is secure at all times. A window with effective weather sealing is a must for any home, but window coverings provide great value. Make sure any coverings you buy have a weather-sealing insert so it can transfer moisture away from your home — and away from the summer air you’ll need to dry out in the winter!


    Alternative Ideas

    Alternative to window coverings, an exterior door professional can install some high-quality weather seals in most climates. If you opt for a professional, make sure they understand your property and you want them to make sure the seals on your exterior doors have held up in the past, allowing the property to withstand the tests of winter.

    Window air conditioning and a heating vent work together to warm your air so it can circulate throughout your home. When the AC turns on, it pulls hot air from the inside, letting this warm air circulate around the interior of the home. A window with built-in vents above and below the windows eliminate drafty air and frostbite. Outdoor heat sources like clothes dryers and heat emitters can also help your home keep cool even in the freezing temperatures.


    How to choose the best front door for your needs

    A front door is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, and it’s the first impression they get of your home and your style. It’s important to choose a front door that reflects your personality and style.A fenced-in back yard is ideal. If the back yard is not suitable, consider wiring two windows to create a “playground” entrance for children.

    It’s not a given that your front door is the first thing they see when they walk in the door. Property managers recommend presenting the home in the best light and work with your neighbors to let them know your home is vacant and that their yard may be swept on certain nights. You can set the neighbors up for success by updating the outside of your home — digging fewer holes in the ground or replacing broken windows. Remember: We’re all selfish. Putting visible reward in front of your neighbors will keep them coming back for more — and increase the chance they’ll help you clean up your yard and keep your home looking good. What is your damage control strategy?

    But behind the front door, your home is not as safe as it should be. A properly-insulated exterior wall helps keep unwanted outside heat out of the interior box. We recommend insulating the interior walls either with fiberglass insulation or with exterior-style sub-floor insulation. You can rent fiberglass puff wrap for $60 to insulate them. (You can also invest in a very low-cost push-off wall, which will act as insulation for the exterior wall above the door.). You may want an additional layer of insulation on the walls and ceiling to help stop drafts. We prefer to add a layer of plywood or tile if possible. (Remember: It’s not pointless to have a home that doesn’t need to be insulated.) For high-end buyers or buyers on tighter budgets, add luxury curtains. Make sure to shop at home improvement stores for these — they are very inexpensive to buy.


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