An Insider’s Guide to Polish Window Cleaning: Tips for a Better Job

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    We all know how satisfying it feels to look out of the windows in our home and see sparkling glass. But who has time to clean them? If you aren’t able to keep the windows in your home clean, you’re not alone. In fact, most people can’t find time in their schedule for this extra chore — and that includes full-time working parents! That’s why we’ve put together some insider tips that will help you get a better job.


    The importance of window cleaning

    Window cleaning is one of the most important parts of home maintenance. If you don’t clean your windows, then you won’t be able to enjoy the natural light that comes into your home.Since the frame of your home is made of wood, and wood doesn’t like dirt and debris, it needs to be semi-regular in appearance if you want your windows to stay looking good for many years. (More on that later).

    What makes for a good window cleaner?

    There are a couple of things that make for a good window cleaner. The first is that it has to be easy to use. The last thing you want is to have to spend an hour cleaning your windows when you could be doing something more enjoyable. The product also needs to be able to be used on any type of surface. We use these window cleaners and installers ourselves for our rentals, but you can also find these professionals in most major cities and towns that rent out their property.


    Window Cleaners & Products

    When it comes to cleaning glass, it matters a great deal if you buy right. Not only do we want to ensure our customers get the freshest windows possible, but we also want our products to work properly. That means they should also not stick or scratch in your property.
    If you have access to window cleaning supplies — or don’t have time to do them yourself — here are the products, brands, and prices to buy. Do the math before you invest in any of them to give your investment the best chance for success. So what products and brands to choose?


    3. What are the benefits of having clean windows?

    The benefits of having clean windows may not be immediately obvious, but they include: -protecting furnishings and floors from the sun’s damaging UV rays
    -improving security by making it easier to see outside
    -making the building more attractive and welcoming to visitors
    -reducing the likelihood of accidents by improving visibility

    Recently, there are several companies that specialize in providing residential property maintenance and repair services (but most are also really expensive). For someone just starting out, or someone with limited free time, there isn’t much of a reason to continue investing in a maintenance company when you can get the same experience for a fraction of the cost and 10X the peace of mind.

    When you hire a maintenance company to come out, they’ll come out and do (at least to some degree) what you are already doing. So, by having a reliable maintenance company already on your team, you to concentrate on your strengths rather than theirs. Why not delegate the maintenance work to a reliable resource right off the bat? In turn, the maintenance company is more likely to give you a fair price knowing you are already performing some basic maintenance tasks. This is especially true for people who are just starting out; oftentimes those icky, hassle-filled living situations just make it easier for inexperienced landlords to admit they don’t know how to do things themselves.


    4. How to clean the inside of the windows

    Clean the inside of the windows with a solution of 2 cups vinegar and 1 cup water. Mix it in a spray bottle and spray it onto the windows and wipe it clean with a clean microfiber cloth.
    Clean the outside of the windows by running a solution of 2 cups vinegar and 1 cup water on the windows and wiping them clean with a clean microfiber cloth.
    Replace hanging glass in your home. Hang it from the ceiling so it doesn’t affect the viewing window frames.

    Remove dust from the inside of the wall of the laundry room by running a solution of 2 cups vinegar and 1 cup water on the wall, wiping it clean with a clean microfiber cloth.
    How to Mop the Floors

    Another sneaky spot for dust and dirt? Floors! Luckily, you have an arsenal in your kitchen. You can use it to freshen smells, deter dust, and more! Here are some simple tips to keep your floors clean and fresh. Clean and dust all the baseboards and baseboards that you can. Never let dirt collect under your drawers. Did you know that you can also put a few drops of baby powder on the tops of all the bedspreads to help repel dust. And if you’re really squeamish, get all the beds individually cleaned.


    5. How to clean the outside of your windows

    To clean the outside of your windows, you’ll need a squeegee, a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, a rag, and a lint-free cloth. First, spray the sponge with soapy water and wipe down the window using a side-to-side motion.Next, sponge the window twice with clean soapy water. Next, apply the lint-free cloth to the window frame and every crack. Finally, pick up the lint-free cloth and wipe down the entire interior of the window.

    To clean the inside of your windows, use a lint-free rag and a sponge designed for windows. Gently wipe down the interior of the window using your hands. Next, drizzle the rag with soap and gently massage the interior of the window with your hands. Dismiss the window completely with the rag and gently lower it into the bucket of soapy water. Droll your head as you grab the sponge and quickly wipe down the area.

    • Once the buckets have been emptied, access the frames of your windows using your lint-free cloth. Gently wipe down the area and select any stains that may have remained. Pull out the sponge, rinse, repeat. Here are a few additional tips for getting the most out of your cleaning:
      Mop: A half-full bucket of soapy water is all that’s needed to quickly mop up any build-up of soot or dirt.
    • Square: Sweep and lightly clean all windows and drapes. Remember, the older the windows, the more damage it’s likely to have.
    • Neutral: Continue sweeping, but begin to use less soap. Take care not to make an upbeat face: You want to neutralize any scented surfaces to prevent any staining.
    • Deep Clean: Next, clean the entire interior of the glass with a sponge and a lint-free rag.

    And that’s it! With these tips and the right team you will have the cleanest windows in your neighborhood.

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